Thursday, 20 September 2012

Visited the Chinese garden in the Pearl yesterday and enjoyed an exquisite lunch of delicacies. Then went for a Happy Hour dinner at an Indian place later. Portland groans with the satisfaction of fine foods promoted through the Happy Hour idea. Food at half price. How can a girl ever get skinny living here? Yet Melanie stays willowy. Not fair.
Also visited the Contemporary Art Gallery. I am astounded to learn that 90% of the world live in slums!!!At the gallery, an small building expo shows the ways housing can be cheaply built for these unfortunates and adapted to their geographical situation. There just is no justification for their governments not to get off their arses to house their people. And this includes the New Zealand government and bureaucracy esp. now with the problem of earthquake-smashed Christchurch.
Then Powells' the biggest private book store in the States. What an eye opener it is. I was happy to find they have my book Memories in the Bone on their website. So introduced myself to a lovely lady called Tina and handed her my ever-educational name card. Promising. Memories can be found on all ebook sites, people. You will love that book for its imagery and characterisation enveloped in a great historical plot. Enjoy!
And finally, went to a neighbourhood cinema to see Queen of Versailles, a doco that was in the Auck. film fest. this winter. Tells of the Seigals and their lifestyle that went crashing in the 2008 financial fiasco. What sinful, tacky opulence. What useless people! I recommend you all to take it out on Blue Ray and learn a lesson or two on what not to do if you ever strike the National Lottery.Retain your dignity, for the sake of the planet. When so many live in slums, one can do without a 90,000 square foot house with 19 bathrooms.
Live well and happy. I still think the best things in life can be free. Like the sunsets.

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  1. You are right about housing. All over the world luxury items sit on display shelves waiting for buyers but when it comes to houses it is the people who have to wait. Ditto for surgery.