Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bird Kill!
There I was in the United Airlines plane, sitting contentedly with all the other passengers, having a great conversation with my seat mate, chin-wagging about her wonderful experiences and her parents' in New Zealand when we were told by cabin staff that maintenance crew is working on cleaning out the engine. A pesky member of the avian class had flown in and committed kamikaze suicide when the plane was landing  for our pick-up.!
Blast and all that, and the wait went on and on and on. We were dehydrating, water was served. Waiting,waiting and then after an hour and a half, we were de-planed. And that was when hell broke loose. We had all missed our connecting flights. And all flights were full for the day.
Anyone ever been in that sort of frustrating situation? End result was I missed my flight out of San Francisco for New Zealand and now am re-booked for the earliest available one -- next Wednesday at an extra cost of $500! Thank goodness for insurance. So I am now going to fly to SF on Tuesday, giving myself a day's leeway before flying out the next evening. And will go on to Christchurch, unfortunate earthquake city, to spend time with Tim (ex-hubby) and gorgeous ZhuZhu, (present little dog on loan to the ex) and we shall take it from there. Thank goodness for friends in the right places -- in the town and near the airport.
Friend Ray who picked me up also took me to the monthly do at the Art Gallery. What a turnout! Fabulous smorgasboard of desert and fruit  (and wine) and the place was full of people. A painting competition has just been judged, with all the exhibits hung. More than the Art Gallery in Big Auckland could ever hope to muster on a similar occasion. We get blasé in big cities. We get spoilt with too many of everything. Like young people who don't appreciate their youth and natural beauty. In small towns like Grand Junction, people are so much more enthusiastic and so grateful for what they have. I like it here.
Adios till next time. It will be from New Zealand then.

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