Monday, 18 March 2013


Hello for this week from Auckland New Zealand.

Yesterday I recieved the news that a library here has bought 3 copies of my first historical novel
MEMORIES IN THE BONE from the US distributor, Baker & Taylor's magazine/website.
You can't imagine my joy that at last I know the advertising I paid for works! I hope more libraries will buy it and I shall have a launch in one of the big ones here by April or May. It certainly encourages me to press on with the tweaking of my next one, also China based.

Also at last the worst drought in 70 years is broken. Had rain 2 days in a row and already everything is greener. How well nature heals itself. And for the farmers let's hope for more rain.

Now for the second installment of my story A HANDKERCHIEF IN THE RICE PADDYS  a story of a child's trust betrayed. Enjoy it.

  Life continued. Mama left for a better job in a bigger city, leaving Swee and me with Grandma.  I jumped grades, thanks to his coaching and he did well at school too, because soon he had made up for lost time and was in the same grade as his peers. “Aren’t we two clever monkeys?” He beamed.
“Clever monkeys! Clever monkeys!” I danced around him.
On my twelfth birthday, Grandmother cooked a special dinner for me and gave me a ‘hong pao’ – money in a small red packet – which was traditional.
 The next evening in our paddy field, Swee said, “For you, Lingling, you’re a big girl now. Happy birthday.”
It was a beautiful lace handkerchief, embroidered with pink and white flowers at one corner. “I tried to get you lace lingerie like the one Roy Rogers gave Dale Evans, but I couldn’t find one. Besides, you’re a bit young for that. Later, when you’ve grown a bit, eh?”
How delighted I was! I caressed the handkerchief against my cheek pleasurably as he stroked my arms. Somehow, my pubescent body stirred with a new emotion. In the film Dale Evans had kissed Roy Rogers for his gift. I wanted to do that too. As Swee’s stroking increased in urgency and he moved closer, “Kiss me,” I said.
It was the most exciting sensation I had ever felt. Our kisses were long and increasingly ardent. He moved on top of me. It was so natural for our bodies to gyrate together as our desires increased, that I did not realise he had removed my panties. How I thrilled to the touch of his hand.
Then a moment later, I screamed with pain.”Stop! Stop it! Stop it!”
 But he wouldn’t stop till he had released himself and slumped on me. Sobbing, I pushed him off. The pain was intense and I felt warm, sticky fluid between my legs. I wiped myself with the handkerchief; hysterical at the sight of blood on it. Flinging it down, I ran, crying, from the paddy field.
  “I’m sorry!” he cried out as I fled.
more next week. Meantime keep well.

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    My name is Georgina and I am the Database Editor for New Zealand books here at Nielsen. I have noticed that we do not have the book Memories in the Bone on our records and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to put this book on our database for bookshops to see. I can send you a form that you can fill out which would provide me with the details I need. The only other thing I would need is a jpeg image of the cover which is at least 600 pixels high. It would be great to have this on our database. Please feel free to contact me, my email address is
    Thank you very much for your help.
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