Monday, 4 February 2013

4th. Feb 2013 from New Zealand.

G'day folks!
Well, actually it's 2am on the 5th Feb and I am not sleeping. I'm sure everyone's got this problem --you doze off after a bit of a read, then for some unfathomable reason, you rise from the shallow depths of slumber and bam! you're wide awake- thinking of all sorts of stuff you shouldn't be thinking of! Hot milk is past helping. Perhaps a tote of brandy? Late TV?

I'm through the second time editing The Ming Admiral which I hope to publish some time this year. It's difficult to shorten a novel when it is a Masterpiece!! So must farm it out to somebody who does not share that opinion and who will take a knife to it.
Meantime, do I dare to check how MEMORIES IN THE BONE is going on Amazon and all the other e-book sites? Will you good people check for me? Better still buy a copy, it's only $3.99 and then give it a good rating.

One piece of great news from Aotearoa (Maori for NZ) is that Elska Peridot Phipps entered this world last Wednesday. All 3.6 kg of quivering humanity, looking like a Tibetan. But with all the hallmarks of a great beauty. So watch out, world. As you can read, I am immensely proud.

Another piece of good news is that it has been raining for around 24 hours. Not the hard hitting squally rain, but a gentle rain that falls from heaven, like the quality of mercy. The farmers are joyful, the gardens are grateful and the water tanks for those rural folks are getting filled. I used to be on a water tank before the council connected city water to us and then proceeded to double our rates (taxes) every three years. Rain water is lovely but trouble is, things get into the water tank that is not quite so --- like dead pigeons. And the tank has to be cleaned out quite regularly or there can be risk of guardia. And mosquitoes just love breeding in them by the trillions. So I guess I am of ambivalent mind about water tanks. What about you? The water tastes good, if you don't think too hard about the wildlife that is gurgling down your little red hatch.

Till next week, it's haere ra from Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Put your friends onto this blog. They might enjoy it.

Adios, Amigos. Via con Dios.

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