Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blessed be today!

Hello people, today is special because today a new life will be born. My second grandaughter will emerge into the world at around 1 pm by caesarian. Her parents have tried every which way to get her out naturally, but I guess the weenie just likes it inside her mummy's warmth.

Here's one way of getting baby out double quick for those of you out there trying. Get into a laugh fest. Many moons ago, I was watching Some Like It Hot on late tv. It was hilarious at the time and I hooted all the way through. Guess what happened? As I was about to get into bed at the end of the movie, my water broke. Junior must have decided "Let me outta here! I can't stand that laughing banshee no more, even if she's my mother and will be my body's sustenance for the next few months!" And he was born, by natural birth, without even an epidural or any other aid, within four hours. And he's been trying to get away ever since .....

The other thing I did was go to Waiheke Island in the Gulf of Hauraki. That is the gulf on which Auckland is built round. The said Waiheke Island was a backwater till 20 years ago when a transport company began servicing it with good reliable boats. Then the real estate skyrocketed to the moon. A batch (tiny holiday cottage) now goes for around $400,000. Some smart people from the CBD started wineries and as they say "Bob's your uncle". Done deal. Everybody wants to have an island lifestyle.
And the residents all swear they love it. From an outsider's point of view, it is dry as biscuit in the summer months, water's on tank which means you conserve like mad, flushing the loo only when you've done a number two. And winter's cold and blustery. The only redeeming point I see is that there are beaches all round. And the fish and chips are great. But with the recent memory of Great Barrier Island on fire and Tasmanian's having to sit in the sea to save themselves when their bush caught fire, I am an unashamed shyster where island living is concerned.

Of course I am smug about it all because I live in Greenhithe, a gorgeous village on the mainland which has it all and easy access in natural catastrophe. I have the upper harbour down by my garden where I can canoe once I prune away a few dastardly mangroves, movies and shopping areas 4 miles away and a great community within the village. So I can afford to look down on overpriced cottages on an island that costs a ton to get to unless you happen to be a reitiree with a Super Gold card. Then travel is free. But that is threatened right now as the cost of giving golden oldies free ferry service is around $3 million per annum. Grief! I didn't know there are that many oldies around to pack their sammies and flask for a picnic on a dry island.

Anyway, now that the long weekend is over, I am back to editing The Ming Admiral -- in its final stages. It's a historical novel about ZhengHe, that super duper eunuch of the 15th Century who took the Emperor's treasure ships around the world. It is full of battles, love lost, and adventures all along Asia and I want it out by the middle of this year. Now that I have got my trailer on you tube on my first novel, have you guys checked it out? Please do and give it a huge like! and forward it to all your mates on facebook, twitter, plaxo, linked inm etc, etc. Being an indie author is hard yakka and one needs the help of one's friends. Here's the link again Youtube.com/watch?v=METJnMArGyc.
Till next week, have a great time. And peace and blessings everyone.
Via con Dios.

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