Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas, New Year looming.

Well now, how many of you have pukus (see previous blog, Maori word for tummy) which are as large as footballs? We eat? And we eat. I myself had Christmas lunch of 6 different roast meat, prawn cocktail and six salads. Could not stay for the dessert. Then though, had another roast dinner, this time at home with the traditional Kiwi one of roast lamb, spring potatoes and peas with roast kumaras and flaming pudding with brandy and cream. The meal went on till past 11.30 pm. Okay it's now time to rest for a whole year and nurse one's guilt.

But now, I must try to philosophise as the new year looms. There is this old Chinese saying, (Note, all Chinese sayings are old, more than 2000 years old). Today's is BINDING YOUR FEET TO PREVENT YOUR OWN PROGRESS. Now  we all know about the Chinese foot binding of tradition when little girls (at the age of three) had to succumb to having their little feet crushed and tightly wrapped to prevent growth. The cock-eyed idea was that it showed class- that she came from a family wealthy enough to have her not work either in the house or in the fields - to enhance her marriage prospects. Those guys must be thick as planks, because what was the use of a woman who couldn't work? So this meant she would marry a man wealthy enough to support her. Thereby the entire practise was just to promote satus. In my mind a dirty word.

So this is obvious to you readers of this blogspot, (be enlightened week by week). But in today's terms around the world, can you see the many, many practises of that? Governments - bi-partisanship that prevents real good to be done for all. At present for e.g. that of Republicans and Democrats in the US. One camp delibrately stands to obstruct the other, but in so doing, is binding itself and the country to a standstill. And many other examples, but I try not to be political.
I weep.

Apart from the one day of feasting, I am now onboard to putting the final touches to my second novel. This is called The Ming Admiral about the euncuch ZhengHe of the Ming Dynasty, who sailed his treasure ships to many parts of the world. According to his own words, to 3,000 countries, large and small. I am editing it to tighten the syntax. Most people in the west would not have heard of him if not for Gavin Menzies' 1421, published over ten years ago of his voyages. But to many Asians, he is regarded as a saint, and there are temples to him all over South East Asia. where he visited and promoted good. Well, watch out for The Ming Admiral next year. I am seriously thinking of putting it out on e-books while I scour the world for a brave agent/publisher.

Also happening in January is the launching of Memories in the Bone, my first novel set in 19th. Century China in the time of the Taiping Rebellion - the greatest peasant rebellion in the history of China led by a peasant who thought himself God's Chinese Son and Jesus' Younger Brother. It lasted 20 years and killed over 20 million people -at least. This historical novel follows Zhou Yu, the only surviving son of landed scholar family out into the new world of Australia and New Zealand.
For you US folks, watch for it in the book stores, ask for it in your libraries. You will not be disappointed. It has 4 stars reviews . Obtainable from and other e-sites.

Till next time,
Adios amigos, may 2013 bring you joy and fulfillment and love.

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