Monday, 3 December 2012


Well now, it's Tuesday 4th December in Auckland. The weather has been cool and rather wet, but hey, the garden loves it even if the beach bunnies don't. It just goes to show, not everything is negative. For example, our NZ dollar is at an almighty high which is bad for our exporters. But great for us ordinary folks as we can buy imported stuff much cheaper. When I was a young bride which is too long ago to be comfortable, our stainless steel pots and one pan cost us my husband's salary for a month. Granted, he was a only junior lecturer at university, but still - just imagine having to fork our an entire month's salary to buy some pots. Nowadays? Bless China/India/Vietnam, a six piece set costs $200 - less than half a week's salary after tax for the average worker. See what I mean?

I was in seventh heaven last weekend. The Manukau Symphony Orchestra in which I play, were practising the Rachmaninov 3 piano. Concert this Saturday 8th. at the Telstra Event Centre, Manukau. Now, I am sure many have seen that David Hefgott (hope I got that right) movie Shine. That wonderful concerto was the theme for it.It is the hardest to play and the most passionate of Rachmaninov's four. I am sure, after this weekend's practice that DH could not have played it masterfully after twenty odd years in an institution. Must see that movie again. Take it out on DVD cheap hire on Tuesdays. Being an orchestral violinist can be hell for one's shoulders, neck and arms. I live in a permanent ache. Hence the acupuncturist -- and the gym.

As to my main occupation of writer. Well, have done four chapters of the sequel to my first book MEMORIES IN THE BONE. Here I tackle the problems of mixed race in the 19th Century-- how these people belonged to neither and many were shunned by both. The folks who slipped through the gap. Watch this space. I shall from now on start putting some excerpts in - starting from MEMORIES.

Till next week, be well, be good, be fabulous.

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