Friday, 11 January 2013

The Melt Down of the World.

At least in Australasia. We have so many bush fires in Australia and now, even in Canterbury Plains, South Island New Zealand. What is happening? The hole in the Ozone layer? Industrial gases from every get-ahead-at-all-costs country? If it is the industrial gases which of course includes petrol fumes, then let's get back a bit, slow down a bit, take stock and think. Think that it is no point busting our guts out to make too much money that we can't take with us, buy too much that is beyond our needs for consumption and have a better planet.
We've got a heat-wave of a summer, high temperatures (for us) 30 deg. Celcius, dry winds dry earth.
A total melt-cown.

As readers of this blog (few,I know, but hopefully you will recommend me and grow the readership), I am an animal lover and avian lover. Last week, I found a grown baby blackbird sitting under the orange tree, unable to fly. It had obviously survived a feline assault. I took it and nursed it and put it in a box with leaves and food. But alas, the shock killed it overnight. I am so sad that people keep cats in areas rich with birdlife. All the gorgeous blue-crested quails that used to live in my garden have disappeared as new houses were built and cats moved in with their owners. Is there a way to enjoy both species of God's creation together?

On a happier note, the trailer of my historical novel, Memories in the Bone is out. Check out for the 30 sec. one. Spots are now being bidded for in the US on a couple of cable tv nation wide by my publisher IUniverse. I have asked for Opra and National Geographic. You can buy direct from IUniverse -- paperbacks on e-book. Also look out on all other e-book sites as well as book shops and libraries from now on. The launch in the US is this first quarter. There will be a sequel in a next year. Working on it.

I wish you all a great day and a great 2013.

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